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What does volume mean in cryptocurrency Investing & Trading in Cryptocurrencies Using Volume Price Analysis (English Cryptocurrencies are the new kid on the block, and for the unwary can mean only As traders, investors, and speculators, all we are trying to do is to forecast. Jan 22, - The Buzz is that #Bitcoin just "beat" #PayPal, but what does that mean? Transaction volume & quality history. of this new digital currency is that it is entirely decentralized, meaning there is no the current average fee, current volume of transactions, and the type of. Find me one coin worth alot in the billions ... I'm waiting Which goin would be best I dont think so, and if it does, not a lot This guy is the most retarted guy in crypto No this is money, internet was information and communication. . But the magnitude and impact of the revolution that is coming, is quite equal. Puede ser el que la misma blockchain nos da con la mempool Hello, I’ve submitted the form correctly but haven’t received any AUD Does any1 have the ubq telegram chat? We are supposed to go to 7k if this truely is this weekly bullflag breakiung Scammers are on the loose Over the last few weeks all eyes in the crypto world have been glued to the halveninga nigh-religious moment in the blockchain realm. Why does that matter? Ticker Ideas de trading What does volume mean in cryptocurrency educativas Scripts Personas. Looking at the index for the total cryptocurrency market cap excluding Bitcoinwe can easily notice massive bullishness We are looking at the weekly time frame here, so feel free to hit like now and allow me to entertain you for a few minutes Thanks a lot for the amazing support Now, let's get started! Below we have the long term chart, take a look at the bars at the bottom, we can see a massive increase in volume The highest volume ever Cryptocurrency is just getting started Find out all the details of Hare 2. However, other hypotheses are worth keeping in view to maintain a well-rounded perspective on the crypto markets. Learn more about each of these views and their advocates in our new post-halving roundup. ETH had the largest month-over-month returns with Get a comprehensive view of the state of crypto ahead of the third BTC halving by reading our full report. Ravencoin was created by forking the Bitcoin core code base and differs from the original Bitcoin in 4 key aspects:. P2P electronic cash system. What does volume mean in cryptocurrency. How cryptocurrency is disrupting the global economy new yorker cryptocurrency. glenn beck cryptocurrency. app store cryptocurrency. Bitcoin trading bot open source of. Many country can’t join the session of fetch luanch.

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Cryptocurrencies were born with the purpose of allowing the realization link economic transactions or exchanges of goods physical or virtual and services without the need for intermediaries. Therefore, what most of them have in common — and the difference of traditional money — is that they are created electronically, are based on what does volume mean in cryptocurrency P2P networkare supported by Blockchain technology [1] and are issued outside of central banks without responding to the control of any country or institution. They began to be used in with the appearance of Bitcoin, as an alternative method to the traditional financial system, and their existence has been gradually spreading among the population here the text of Satoshi Nakamoto where the creation of Bitcoin is announced and explains its operation. Article source voices have labeled cryptocurrencies what does volume mean in cryptocurrency opaque, highly volatile and high-risk assets, and they have been considered instruments for the commission of crimes such as money laundering, tax evasion and fraud. In this panorama arise two questions: Should we regulate cryptocurrencies? How do we regulate them? Most cryptocurrencies rely on the Blockchain and are issued outside of central banks. Click To Tweet. The legal regulation of virtual currencies is in its early stages today very few countries have regulated them, although the number of them is increasing, as can be seen from the Report of the Law Library of the Congress of the United States of America. Puede referirse a acciones, contratos o lotes. El mercado de valores proporciona y los datos y hace un seguimiento de los mismos. Es uno de los pocos indicadores que no se basa en el precio. Un volumen alto apunta a que existe un gran interés respecto what does volume mean in cryptocurrency un instrumento, con su precio actual y viceversa. Un aumento repentino en el volumen de negociación apunta a una mayor probabilidad de que el precio cambie. Los eventos de noticias son momentos típicos en los que el volumen puede aumentar. Los fuertes movimientos de tendencias van paralelos con un mayor volumen de negociación. Por lo what does volume mean in cryptocurrency, puede considerarse como una medida de fuerza. is trading cryptocurrency a taxable event. Cryptocurrency miner for cash how to know when cryptocurrency will go up. local cryptocurrency exchange coinone.

Austral Group S. Of the 24 large Micron option trades on Friday morning, 17 were either calls purchased at Facebook cryptocurrency stock name near the ask or puts sold at or what does volume mean in cryptocurrency the bid, trades typically seen as bullish. While no one authority controls the generation of the coins or tracks them, the system itself is designed in such a way that the network maintains a foolproof system of the record of every transaction as well as tracking issuance of the currency. Can cryptocurrencies be regulated. Contribute to companies and commerce in general, the technological solutions necessary for the daily use of the different existing currencies and their different forms of payment. Top 5 Risks what does volume mean in cryptocurrency Consider Before Beginning Your Trading Career - Crypto Trader News How To. com r cryptocurrency comments 7vfcqu who_can_beat_me Bitcoin options trading sites Invest in blockchain not cryptocurrency How to buy bitcoin in india now How does airdrop work in cryptocurrency Application crypto monnaie Coinbase to coinbase wallet transfer Crypto android application What does volume mean in cryptocurrency cryptocurrency prices Where to buy ethereum in south africa How can you Ethereum market analysis bitcoin Why make a cryptocurrency Nkd cryptocurrency price Will government shutdown affect cryptocurrency How to buy lisk from coinbase Crypto trading new york Does coinbase accept cash app Things to know before investing in bitcoin Hire coin exchange Best portfolio tracker for cryptocurrency How what does volume mean in cryptocurrency install zenbot cryptocurrency bot Best cryptocurrency investing courses China exchange cryptocurrency Good news crypto How to make mineral makeup Earn bitcoin using browser Can bitcoin be sold Indian cryptocurrency coins list Bitcoin mining simple explanation Winklevoss bitcoin etf How to hide ethereum transactions Ce brokers opinie Bitcoin news crypto kirby Send free bitcoin Pac cryptocurrency price List of all cryptocurrency mining companies Cryptocurrency charts real time Paypal cryptocurrency Cnn world news cryptocurrency How to do bitcoin mining Best crypto funds uk Komodo cryptocurrency mining Bitcoin para dummies pdf Best crypto to buy january 2021 How do i buy bitcoins in south africa Can you always sell your Ethereum market analysis Cryptocurrency virtual currency Mining cryptocurrency 2021 Bitcoin is dead 2021 02 ltc to btc How to sell my litecoin Cheap bitcoin mining equipment The age of cryptocurrency paul vigna pdf Ethereum market analysis ethereum to bitcoin coinbase Delta crypto portfolio tracker Best app for Ethereum market analysis cryptocurrency Why is ethereum going down today Soros cryptocurrency How to build a bitcoin miner farm Buy sell cryptocurrency uk How to see Ethereum market analysis click the following article coins Ripple xrp 100 dollars Local bitcoin seller The ten best chinese cryptocurrencies How much does it cost to buy and sell bitcoin Bitcoin trading read more australia Is xrp dying Smart Ethereum market analysis crypto list Cex. Too few shorters again We provide ATM and Bitcoin machines as well as the support services for those machines to retail convenience Cryptocurrency tax accountant perth etc. See cookies policy. Cryptocurrency records under review. People Russia Alexxman. The exchange also maintains branch offices in Amsterdam and New Delhi. Panoro Minerals Ltd. Todos Ejecutados. What does volume mean in cryptocurrency. Compra 10 btc y en año hold ya le sacaras mucha pasta Best cryptocurrency to invest for 2021 cryptocurrency historical price data. how do you transfer bitcoin into cash. hybrid cryptocurrency exchange. top african cryptocurrencies. cryptocurrency exchange scams. cryptocurrency capitalization total.

what does volume mean in cryptocurrency

Bien alto. Ya no hay incertidumbre I would love for icx to do something Only if you held for the snapshot Está aguantando pero en cuestión de 1-2 semanas vuelve a 15 usd En luxemburgo hay muchos Guys, funds are safe, not security problems. Sorry about the inconvenience for this urgent upgrade, there will be more announcements later I remember buying XRB at 0.02$ just 4 months ago and selling at 0.1$ Guess you'll have to pump it to exit :P. Comentarios: It's always super easy Receive cryptocurrency coinbase super fast. BCC Exchange Review A trading cryptocurrency guide must provide reviews of all of the top crypto exchanges out there, so that you Better cryptocurrency exchange find the Better cryptocurrency exchange cryptocurrency exchange Better cryptocurrency exchange for you. Estilo de diseño. Cotizaciones de divisas online, Bitcoin unlimited to usd Forex. Toggle navigation. The decentralized exchange script we provide is capable of developing an advanced decentralized exchange portal. Then instantly put that on your connected exchange what does volume mean in cryptocurrency or article source. By what does volume mean in cryptocurrency our services or browsing our website. A guide to taxation of cryptocurrencies in Australia. You remain in control of your private keys, which are stored only on your device using Secure Element technology. Esta baja de precio nada tendría que ver con la realidad de los activos, que seguirían exactamente como estaban antes de la baja de precio y generando la misma renta que siempre. Good luck with that when it dumps big I’m always here, sometimes just reading. Hope you guys sold your TRX Ipo technocome thuong v ln nht vit nam mao resort 3 There are more emails going out still Not only, but yes this lagging piece of sh*t too)) Tened en cuenta que el nuevo año chino comienza a mediados de febrero ))) Me interesa aprender a leer las tablas para poder hacer decisiones menos emocionales a la hora de comprar/vender Entre un 20% por encima de como esta Hola Ricardo bienvenido, ¿disfrutando de la revalorización? Cual es el siguiente soporte? 10k?.

Before, neither of the aforementioned entities was required by the EU to detect suspicious activities.

With this change it is intended that these operators now report suspicious transactions, as well as partially what does volume mean in cryptocurrency the anonymity that cryptocurrencies allow, which could be attractive for financing terrorist activities, according to the Fifth Directive. Another new measure in relation to these subjects is the obligation to be registered, although it is not specified in what type of registration or the terms and conditions of it.

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It is clear that despite the difficulties surrounding the cryptocurrencies regarding the identification of the owners thereof, this does not exempt them from having to comply with the corresponding fiscal obligations, different depending on the operation performed with them. Here you can read a brief guide on the taxes that must be paid, according to the type of transaction purchase and exchange of Bitcoins, and wealth tax.

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On February 7,the Spanish Senate approved a Motion [8] urging the Government to assess the regulation of cryptocurrencies to guarantee legal certainty and avoid fraud, presented by the Popular Parliamentary Group on Here is the Agreement approved by the Senate Plenary. The approved Motion mentions what does volume mean in cryptocurrency general aspects that the future regulatory proposal should take into account.

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From what was said there, more than what was what does volume mean in cryptocurrency by the senators who publicly defended it in the parliamentary debate here the videoI mention the main aspects of this Motion:. Do you know the content of the Motion on cryptocurrencies presented by the Popular Parliamentary Group to the Senate on On February 8,the Bank of Spain and the CNMV published a Joint Statement addressed to investors and users of retail financial services, where they warned of five specific risks related to the acquisition of cryptocurrencies and participation in an ICO [9].

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For the subject of this post, only and exclusively I will mention the risks related to cryptocurrencies:. The sale of Bitcoins, to date, is legal in Spain and the rest of the EU.

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In Spain there is a tendency to demonize cryptocurrencies to such an extent that official bodies recommend their use with caution. In the rest of the world we find positions located in opposite poles some allow it and others forbid it.

Cryptocurrency Market Massive Bullishness (Highest Volume Ever!)

In any case, the sale buying and selling of Bitcoins, to date, is legal in Spain and the rest of the European Union. Therefore, it is also legal to establish and manage Bitcoins and exchange exchanges in this country.

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Este servicio normalmente es what does volume mean in cryptocurrency por fintechs para validar la identidad digital de las personas y por los departamentos de RH para […]. Este servicio normalmente es utilizado por fintechs para validar la identidad digital de las personas y por los departamentos de RH para verificar a los candidatos a un puesto. En resumen, la prevención de here es su especialidad.

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Usando este sitio, la gente en busca de un empleo obtiene visibilidad y puede conectarse con reclutadores que estén en busca de candidatos. Talento Startup no es un sitio completo destinado al reclutamiento RH what does volume mean in cryptocurrency donde se publican ofertas de trabajo. Las empresas también pueden registrarse en la plataforma y navegar por los perfiles de candidatos que coinciden con el perfil que buscan.

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En el caso de que una compañía tenga que despedir personal y quiera ayudarlos a encontrar otro empleo, también pueden registrarlos en Truora. Ten en cuenta que el what does volume mean in cryptocurrency de conectar al aspirante con la compañía se hace a través de LinkedIn. Pero de cualquier forma, es una manera positiva de vincular a las compañías source ya trabajan con Truoracomo Rappi y DogHerocon quienes buscan trabajo.

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Esta no es la primera vez que Truora lanza un servicio a causa de Covid Desde finales de marzo, Colombia ha estado en cuarentena obligatoria. En consecuencia, solo el personal autorizado como los trabajdores de la salud y los repartidores de comida tienen permiso de transitar por las calles.

In this Extra Crunch series, we help you keep up with the latest news from the world of apps, delivered on a weekly basis. Tinder, meanwhile, seems to be toying with the idea of pivoting what does volume mean in cryptocurrency a global friend finder and online hangout in the wake of social distancing, with its test of a feature that allows users to match with others worldwide — meaning, with no intention of in-person dating.


The first is what does volume mean in cryptocurrency update to Face ID which will now be able to tell when the user is wearing a mask. In those cases, Face ID will instead switch to the Passcode field so you can type in your code to unlock your phone, or authenticate with apps like the App Store, Apple Books, Apple Pay, iTunes and others.

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Below we have the long term chart, take a look at the bars at the bottom, we can see a massive increase in volume The highest volume ever Cryptocurrency is what does volume mean in cryptocurrency getting started This is just the beginning, you can trust on that The entire cryptocurrency market is looking, feeling and being extremely bullish with much more to come. Here is a simple but strong analysis on why the cryptocurrency market is super bullish and will continue growing.

I hope you like it and can hit like to show your support.

How Low Can It Go? Ravencoin was created by forking the Bitcoin core code base and differs from the original Bitcoin in 4 key aspects:.

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P2P electronic cash system. Read more.

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If you enjoy using Discord, we would be delighted to add you to our server of advanced crypto traders discussing markets, tech, and more. These unprecedented times require traders to adapt to an unusually volatile and choppy cryptocurrency market. Pro tip for night owls!


The data behind the behavior of BTC throughout the onset of COVID last month reveal important insights about bitcoin as a financial asset—but they also show us why the "digital gold" debate is fundamentally confused on both sides of the aisle. In a positive trend, if the stock price is close to a local new high, the VAPI should be at its maximum as well and vice versa for a negative This indicator is based on the Weis Wave described by David H.

what does volume mean in cryptocurrency

Indicador de volumen

Weis in his book Trades About to Happen: A Modern Adaptation of the Wyckoff Method, more info how to use this indicator can also be found in this video. The Weis Wave is an adaptation of Richard D.

It works in all time periods and can be applied to all asset types. Ticker Ideas de trading Ideas educativas Scripts Personas.

Coin / Name Market Cap Dominance Trading Volume Volume / Market Cap Change 24H Price
BCPT $249,875,752 8.13% 0.0838 -0.49% $1.102272
MUE $127,249,837 4.31% 0.080 -0.95% $48.918262
CosmoChain $594,214 9.65% 0.0887 +0.31% $3.822669
WICC $660,591 6.30% 0.0324 -0.62% $12.528425
SRN $783,905 5.40% 0.0592 -0.39% $6.288314
PRE $494,925,675 4.77% 0.0408 -0.76% $44.175156
NagaCoin $542,342 4.58% 0.0316 +0.65% $2.146917
V Systems $446,907,464 5.45% 0.0346 -0.97% $7.53921
TOPC $502,158 5.20% 0.0816 -0.26% $1.872825
ENJ $531,761,893 4.84% 0.0787 -0.13% $5.92522
XTZ $876,221,478 4.83% 0.0651 +0.56% $1.991407
Incent $391,163,379 1.63% 0.0932 -0.11% $41.313722
Faceter $115,389 3.39% 0.0760 -0.11% $11.671605
EMC $271,559,763 5.14% 0.0423 -0.32% $7.689469
Zilliqa $273,137,254 5.45% 0.0519 +0.48% $39.775890
CHI $692,234 2.90% 0.0516 +0.83% $14.4359
APM $571,532,526 4.19% 0.0923 +0.39% $8.107175
NIM $615,165 9.47% 0.088 -0.35% $45.929809
Ankr Network $302,360,330 8.85% 0.019 -0.42% $5.625532
CashBet Coin $548,685 6.85% 0.0823 -0.61% $42.360467
Blockstack $167,668,658 6.28% 0.0444 +0.28% $22.786805
Blockchain of Hash Power $207,961,253 2.75% 0.0346 +0.30% $7.55087
Rapids $506,819,251 6.60% 0.0535 -0.70% $4.10594
NEO $468,550,547 5.66% 0.0704 +0.70% $7.573392
Scribe Network $728,772 9.37% 0.0652 -0.98% $4.906488
KMD $540,885,310 3.91% 0.0386 -0.51% $0.36672
MicroMoney $693,366 2.35% 0.0730 -0.51% $7.61020
CXO $610,610,208 1.35% 0.0507 -0.14% $24.274912
CBC $501,582 5.99% 0.0647 +0.33% $19.557237
UTK $217,660,658 9.65% 0.041 -0.78% $32.535571

Indicadores y estrategias Todos los scripts. Todos los scripts.

Solo indicadores. Solo estrategias.

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how to report cryptocurrency if i didnt sell it. Just a way to shill his coin (for now) I dont get the hype, that doesnt mean to say im not riding the easy gains now. Just be cautious you dont buy the top.

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BNB ATH to ATL was a big drop. Hi wery good projeget the best airdrop Alguien conoce algún grupo de trading de cryptomoneda como este o algo parecido ¿ BTG stands for Back To Ground Upcoming cryptocurrency 2021 list 1000 satoshi I would say.

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Cheap and fast would be to allow tg channel only for Sushi an other priviledged users Still a lot click hype surrounding the rumor of it "possibly" going on coinbase It's designed to do a 10,000x return from it's bottom. No one is sure if it will or when. Vea.Ya eso what does volume mean in cryptocurrency los computadores cuánticos esta aquí mismo, toca que los ingenieros de materiales le trabajen al tema del desarrollo de conductores y semiconductores que emitan menos calor And as usual it will moon after you exit So we had a cult of XVG now gone, cult of TRX now gone, what's next cult?

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i've noticed investing in cults is very profitable Mahindra logistics ipo listing premium 64 Is all good I not here to argue it's just bullshit I'm dealing with Alguien que me de una opinion acerca de DogeCoin porfavol And pay the req/eth withdrawan out of pocket Luck for all binancians Todavía llegas a tiempo Btc >>7k anyone advice?.

Ticker Ideas de trading Ideas educativas Scripts Personas.

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Looking at what does volume mean in cryptocurrency index for the total cryptocurrency market cap excluding Bitcoinwe can easily notice massive bullishness We are looking at the weekly time frame here, so feel free to hit like now continue reading allow me to entertain you for a few minutes Thanks a lot for the amazing support Now, let's get started!

Below we have the long term chart, take a look at the bars at the bottom, we can see a massive increase in volume The highest volume ever Cryptocurrency is just getting started This is just the beginning, you can trust on that The entire cryptocurrency market is looking, feeling and being extremely bullish with much more to come.

Here is a simple but strong what does volume mean in cryptocurrency on why the cryptocurrency market is super bullish and will continue growing.

Sheep ask for tips on this coin or that coin. People that make money see the nuances the sheep won't spend energy or focus to spot.

I hope you like it and can hit like to show your support. How Low Can It Go? Bitcoin Will Disappoint Many People But Why?

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Can It Go Higher? Publicar comentario.

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Love that you're showing this volume! D4rkEnergY was covering this a bit too and love your guys' posts.

Legal regulation of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in Spain

We're long right now and it might not seem right to some but this is where the retail traders sell off at resistance creating the liquidity for the big boys to go long right now so this could just keep heading up. Volume confirmation is always a good sign for bullish or bearish moves.

Thanks for the update ALAN! Shalom my friend :.

TradeIndicatorsThanks a lot for sharing, appreciated. BlockchainYahooLooking forward to that Great chart and info.

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I do fully agree with you and here is my outview on alt season total market agains BTC in dominance. AnoinvestLooks pretty good, thanks a lot for sharing. We are looking at trading volume and its growing massively, regardless of the method used to calculate volume.

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We are taking notice of this growth as a positive development for the market. This is just one signal of course, there are many others that support this growth in volume that we are seeing.

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Noob question. Looking at the run up, the market cap was way higher on less trade volume. Moving ahead to now, the volume is way up, highest ever, but the market cap, while increasing, is no where near the levels.

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I take away that folks in were in and stayed in. But now, folks are trading in and out. Would this be a correct assumption and what does it mean for this market, price action and predictability when trying to compare previous market periods to today?

There is simply more money now in the market than there was before. Comunidad y herramientas.

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Https www.hackread.com macupdate-hacked-to-distribute-mac-cryptocurrency-miner. Cryptocurrency monero buy. Coin trader online.

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Si tomas una decisión que sea porque has estudiado el caso, entiendes todos los factores y te haces responsable de tu riesgo.. Sino solo estás apostando a la ruleta poniéndole fichas al número que te dice el vecino.

Bitcoin news today price Vechain traders should also do the same. sell half 210. then ride half 220 Con.cual.patron Gregoris Bahena? Cuando el precio alcanze tu meta, esta orden se ejecutara $ONE initial circulating supply is 24.3% according to their website Pues son monedas que van a subir I dont know why he doesnt want to remove it he bought 760btc at 10350 You mean buy from market? Buenas noches una consulta masters; para verificar la cuenta de skrill piden un recibo con tu nombre y dirección; y si el recibo esta al.nombre d mi hermana?? Ah grt. I guess no minimum deposit concept like cex io? Si el BTC sube, es probable que otras altcoins suban también? Como Ether, Bitcoin Cash etc... Crypto Invest Summit? Trading platforms for bitcoin cash back. ❶All of Transfer bitcoin back to cash app information is stored securely. Seleccionar ubicación Cambiar. El Brief. The speed what does volume mean in cryptocurrency adoption depends on how trust in new cloud models can be established. Russian Ruble RUB. This book is different from the others. See cookies policy. Easily add Changelly. Buy chainlink coin. Is there any point in mining cryptocurrencies. Comerciante de opciones binarias de Elijah Opción no binaria rpg El agujero negro de opciones binarias Índice de Mynorth opciones de inversión diversificadas pds Opción de retiro cuando cierran su opción de inversión La mejor opción de manicura para uñas problemáticas Ps4 mejor Ethereum market analysis de salida de audio Las mejores opciones de televisión hotelera para hoteles Opciones de inversión de la cuenta Chase hsa La mejor opción de seguro de automóvil La mejor opción para colchones baratos Las mejores opciones what does volume mean in cryptocurrency keto texas roadhouse Oppenheimer financia opciones de Ethereum market analysis individuales k La mejor opción desayuno disney Las mejores Ethereum market analysis de opciones sobre acciones Samsung hw j355 mejor opción de efecto de sonido Las mejores opciones de menú de panda express La mejor opción para lenovo thinkpad restaurado Las mejores opciones para tv barata uk La mejor opción de servicios de asesoramiento para millenials Opciones binarias de gráficos just click for source vivo gratis Las mejores opciones de comparación de promedio móvil El mejor servicio de señales de opciones binarias 2020 Estrategias de backtesting en forex ¿Son las opciones comerciales renta imponible. Bitcoin Cryptocurrency.|There no wall 6500 btc?

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And they are kicking it out Looks promising the coin Well I can speak it to a reasonable extent Tell target or show target? Will look at gochaib Yo creo k estarán superprotegidos, insisto, y más k nosotros That's on top of the 10% of my referral link makes that I'm giving away!!! Love giving to such an awesome community! Its a risky investment but if the phone is good this time, than you can make some good profit Top 10 wallets are all above 200M xvg...#1 is 2.8B...they should do their part if they want their billions. Its 7 days after the pump started, most people will be getting their steem from powering down last week That happens when you follow contrader Guys don't change stop loss please we don't have control over market HEX Token where is the market?. ❶Current Silver Holdings Amount. El mejor intercambio de criptomonedas. Beau K. La actualización presenta un aumento de dificultad de trabajo. If a what does volume mean in cryptocurrency transfer is made but no receipt is uploaded within this period, your order will be cancelled. From Your Phone Easiest Way to Win a Virtual Trading Game or game stock. Contactar con desarrollador. We have been involved in all areas of online gaming and gambling since as both online players and as business partners and marketers - which means we know all the tricks and recognize bullsh.|English here please.


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  • - Paul PEZY: Awesome video. 😃 I do have a question. I clicked on the malwarebytes site for mobile devices, but it was unclear to me on whether or not it could be used for iPhones. I saw macOS, but wasn’t sure what that was. This is all new to me. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
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